Field Work in Gatineau Park

When I started studying biology, I was really excited to get outside and do some field work. This year, I was fortunate to get a summer job in the Forrest Lab at uOttawa. The PI, Dr Jessica Forrest, is currently working with Dr Risa Sargent  on a long-term study of the phenology of wildflowers and pollinators in Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada. Part of my work includes helping Dr Forrest and Dr Sargent collect data for this project. I was really excited to participate on this project when Dr Forrest brought it to my attention. This was an opportunity for me to practice my bee catching skills, learn new methods of sampling bee populations and learn some of the intricacies and aspects of working in the field. So I finally got the chance to get some real field work under my belt!

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