Flying to Gunnison, Colorado

Well, it looks like the frustrations of doing field work abroad have already started. As part of my job in the Forrest Lab, I have to help out a graduate student and Dr Forrest with their work at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic, Colorado. Everything for the trip was looking great. Little did I know this morning (at 2 AM) that misfortune was coming my way. At the Ottawa airport I was informed that my flight to Washington was canceled by the US Air Traffic Controller (because the plane is too small to survive today’s wind conditions). So they flew me to Toronto and re-booked all my flights resulting in me having to stay overnight in Denver before flying out to Gunnison the next morning.

Airport reading material: Scientific American
Scientific American should keep me entertained while I wait for my flight.

Not only is this a big inconvenience, the whole situation got to be absolutely ridiculous. I was supposed to fly with another student to Gunnison. It seems that the heavens were smiling on her. We both flew to Toronto but our airline was nice enough to re-book her on another carrier’s morning flight to Denver. This was a little frustrating considering that I checked in before her and asked to be put on any other carrier that would get me to Denver on time! When I approached a ticket agent about this issue to request to be placed on the same flight, the agent told me the plane was full. That was disappointing, but I guess there’s not much I can do about it. But it gets worse. My fellow traveler informs me from within the aircraft that the flight is almost completely empty! The carrier lied to me! They said it was full! As frustrating as this is, I’m well aware that this is pretty normal. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories from other travelers and, to be honest, my situation isn’t that bad.

So…now I’m siting in Toronto waiting for an afternoon flight to Denver. Fortunately my carrier gave me a voucher for a hotel in Denver so at least I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight.

(Happy) flying everyone!


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